There is hardly any other industry with such complex requirements throughout the whole supply chain as the automotive supply industry. This leads to increased pressure for innovations with a continuously high cost pressure and eventually to shorter and shorter product cycles.

OEMs are increasingly pushing the responsibility for developments and the accompanying development risks into the supply chain. At the same time the OEMs’ platform strategies for supplied products - which obviously have to meet the highest qualitative and, due to global exports, also legal standards - are exponentially increasing the suppliers’ liability risks. In case of claims the affected supplier has to deal with the OEMs’ comprehensive liability justifying contracts.


In this area of conflicting interests it is important to have strong partners by your side who are very familiar with the demands of the whole supply chain and the problems of this market. As your partner with a team of industry-specific consultants we can offer interdivisional integrated liability management in all lines for both buyers and suppliers, innovative insurance solutions for your industry, proactive claims handling as well as access to a global network of insurance experts, accident assessors and lawyers.