Food producers and retailers are increasingly in the focus of the general public and the authorities. Even minor mistakes within production and in handling the products have severe consequences which can threaten the very existence of a company.

And yet, many businesses are not at all adequately prepared for this situation. The professional handling of claims is often not organised at all or not well enough. Resulting consequences on operations and success of businesses are often not secured.

Here we have solution concepts at hand. BüechnerBarella has developed a specific liability management which allows our clients to manage these risks.

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We can count on many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the food industry. Proven experts analyze production processes. They recognise dangers, develop and propose solutions to avoid damage. In case of a claim we show you how to deal with it in an organised and professional way and how expenses and losses can be and remain insured. This is how we support our clients with specific industry solutions all along the value chain – from supplier to production to retailer and consumer.