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Food industry solutions

Increased Liability and regulatory changes: In the food industry, the smallest mistakes can have serious consequences.

Are you a food or beverage manufacturer?

Then you know that food and beverage manufacturing is an extremely fragile business, with huge potential risks related to personal injury and product recalls.

Prices are under pressure and competition is fierce. And production isn't made any easier by the plethora of laws, regulations, and government mandates. What is good for the consumer is a big challenge for companies.

BüchnerBarella offers customised insurance solutions to companies in the food and beverage industry.

Our industry experts assess your unique insurance needs, preventing over- and under-insurance while filling any gaps in your existing coverage. The cornerstone of BüchnerBarella's product portfolio is skillful risk management, which identifies and analyses risks and offers appropriate cover for any loss. These products include, in addition to public and product liability cover, product protection and recall insurance, as well as cover for transport and refrigerated goods risks. To minimise the risks that are difficult to insure and to provide preventive coverage, we call on our global network of crisis consultants.


The extra services we provide:

  • Drawing up crisis plans with external service providers
  • Better conditions within the association
  • Overview of ever-changing labeling regulations, e.g. for Nutriscore

More frequent losses

What happened?

A customer in Trier, Germany, had to recall a sparkling wine product because of the risk of exploding bottles due to an excess of yeast fungus.

How we helped

Thanks to the rapid deployment of a crisis consultant, BüchnerBarella was able to limit the losses to EUR 1.5 million.

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