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Covering the liability risks:


If a Board member in your company has unlimited liability, it could have very adverse consequences in the worst case scenario. This not only affects the manager involved but also the business. Above all, D&O insurance protects your balance sheet!

Reducing Personal Liability Risk

Decisions made with uncertain factors significantly increase the risk of making the wrong decision. With new risks emerging constantly and personal liability escalating for years, the management team faces an increased risk of breaching their duty and facing a claim from their own company. It is crucial to have coverage for your decisions. And not just for the manager in question but also for the company itself. 

Our expertise and close links with a whole host of risk carriers mean that even in difficult times, we help you to transfer the personal liability risks to the insurance sector under very competitive terms and conditions. In this way, we provide the best possible cover for both management and the business.

Managing director
Joachim Lenoir
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Our services include:

  • D&O insurance for bodies of corporations and associations
  • D&O excess insurance for boards of public limited companies
  • Run-off solutions for businesses or separate bodies
  • Personal D&O insurance
  • Own set of terms and conditions with significant expansion of cover
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