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Minimising unexpected risks:

Transport insurance

In future, transport routes will become longer and transport chains more complex. Protect your assets and your goods.

Custom-fit, comprehensive cover

Our transport insurance kicks in for everyday risks, such as transportation within the organisation and adapts itself to your current needs at any time. At the current time, this also includes port closures due to the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. External service providers help us to provide an active risk and claims management service for your business. In this way, your goods are protected against unexpected risks and the resulting material losses and financial loss, including for imminent losses such as a General Average on sea routes.

Head of Property Insurance
Florian Nowack
Deploy the solutions that are right for your business

No two goods are the same, which is why our transport insurance solutions are both customised and flexible.

  • Advising on cargo insurance
  • Transport open policy
  • Own-account transportation insurance
  • Item-related cover for specialised transports
  • Cover for arranged storage
  • Insuring artworks and valuables
  • Contractual-penalty cover
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We’re been insuring businesses for over 100 years now

Off-the-peg insurance cover? Sorry, BüchnerBarella doesn’t do that. Instead, we concentrate on you and your own very individual needs, wishes and requirements. And not as newcomers either but ever since our foundation in 1922.