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Your business risk accurately assessed:


In many cases, a potential claim is neither palpable nor foreseeable. Our risk assessment service and experience can assist you in this matter.

We're also at your side to assist with complex claims

Liability risks are complex, multi-layered and are constantly evolving. A complicating factor is that, unlike with other areas of insurance, the risk is difficult to calculate in advance.

Based on our experience and available resources, we can provide a reliable recommendation for the appropriate amount of insurance coverage. This recommendation is informed by realistic damage simulations. This provides the peace of mind you need. Even in a worst-case scenario, you will still have optimal protection.

Head of Liability
Hans-Jürgen Prang
We customise your insurance as much as possible

When preparing your insurance coverage, we prioritize meeting your specific needs while also considering any unique circumstances. Our professionals will recommend the priority areas for your coverage and will look into your business risk in great detail.

  • Identification and quantification of risks
  • Liability management
  • Employees
  • Audit of your AGB (general terms and conditions)
  • Supplier screening
  • Hazard analysis
  • Our own set of terms and conditions significantly increase your cover
  • Development of new products to cover currently uninsured areas of business
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