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Proactive strategies to prevent losses. Showing you your own risks. In emergencies we're there for you 24/7.

Proactive and professional

Claims settlements are becoming ever more complex and thus more problematical. We provide you with our professional support for any claim and can also set a course for you that is legally watertight. We can also arrange with you that we work on a particular claim for you as as a proactive 'project controller'.

Avoiding and preventing losses

When it comes to prevention, we draw up customised plans that precisely cover all your needs. As a special service for you, we will also outline your own risks and potential hazards, so that you are well-prepared to deal with any potential insurance claims.

Managing partner, chairman of the management board
Benno Walter
This is how insurance management works:
  • Network partners via BüchnerBarella Consulting
  • Selecting the right experts (which is usually more than half the battle)
  • Putting you in touch with lawyers who know your sector inside out
  • Supporting any 'potential recourse' process
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