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Their members always enjoy added value:


As a member of one of our partner associations there are many advantages you can benefit from, including selective improved cover and special conceptual solutions.

Always have your finger on the sector's pulse

We have been working with many trade and industry associations for decades now, which is why we are very at home in a wide range of sectors. It's because every sector - indeed each individual company - has its own special characteristics that have to be reflected in its insurance cover.

When you are an association member then these partnerships can bring you major benefits. This not only includes improved scope of the cover but also sector-specific solutions that always give you added value.

Are you a trade or industry association?  Then quite apart from our sector-specific solutions you can expect first-class liability management from us whilst also gaining access to an extensive network of experts, legal professionals, surveyors and appraisers, along with many other benefits. Just get in touch with us!

Partnerships optimise results

Utilise our close relationships with associations and the related in-depth interaction within the sector. Our regular discussions with the associations and at events held within the sector enable us to develop and provide outstanding solutions that simply provide long-term added value.

Head of Associations
Graf Alexander Bernadotte af Wisborg
In a nutshell: in the association, a lot of things are easier.
  • Custom-fit coverage solutions with benefits for association members
  • Exclusive sector teams
  • Awareness of the sectors' special issues
  • Sector-specific and cross-sector presentations, seminars and workshops
  • Access useful collaborative partners via our consulting service, including further added value for association members
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