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From biotechnology to pharmacy:

The Life Science Industry is growing

In addition to traditional companies, start-ups in particular will benefit from the significant growth potential of the life sciences industry.

Many special features, one insurance broker

Life Science refers to the field of research that concerns itself with living organisms and their structures and processes. This field also includes such related areas as medicine & biomedicine, chemistry & biochemistry and pharmacy - and ultimately agriculture and food research too.

The special features of this industry range from liability insurance for clinical trials - with very high insured sums - to D&O. In this sector, it is particularly important to cover the start-up phase, when investors' funds are required, i.e. when directors or their bodies work with "external" funds. In addition, highly sensitive personal data and huge volumes of data may mean that cyber insurance should be considered.

The unpredictable consequences of transporting highly sophisticated medical devices, some of which have significant value, proper packaging or temperature requirements should not be underestimated. In the event of damage, our technical or transport insurance comes into play.

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Head of Team Life Science
Graf Alexander Bernadotte af Wisborg
And that is what characterises our expertise in this area:
  • Decades of specialist expertise
  • Global network
  • On-the-spot partners to help you
  • Supporting member of BIO Deutschland (the biotechnology sector association)
  • Close relationships with regional clusters
  • Lectures on a range of topics
  • Wording agreed with insurers on the basis of our 'Büba Einsplus' cover
  • Additional services available through our consulting department