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Recruiting and keeping employees:


Provision issues affect workforces and company owners equally. Because the market is evolving rapidly.

We are advisors, supporters and service providers

For years now, the recruiting and keeping of specialist and managerial staff has been one of the most important challenges faced by businesses.

There is hardly any industry- not to say any business - that is not suffering from the current shortage of qualified personnel, a shortage that is forecasted to increase.

Our exclusive supply plans mean you can acquire the qualified and other personnel you need and keep them loyal to your company.

Especially in times of rising costs, higher inflation rates and the pandemic experience, there is greater than ever awareness about - and a desire for - long-term, multi-value care amenities such as company healthcare insurance, occupational disability insurance or even a healthcare budget.

We can assist you in creating tangible value for the future. We work with you as advisors and supporters to unlock your potential.

Head of EmployeeManagement
Axel Piepenstock
Our knowledge, your gain

In terms of both staff and individual employee turnover, there are more and more market developments to monitor and opportunities to utilise. We can offer you:

  • Managing Director care
  • Pension provisions
  • The setting up and maintenance of pension schemes, incl. communication plans and advising employees in respect of the implemented products
  • Preparing pension analyses and determining the additional need, as well as auditing the existing schemes, such as direct commitment and outsourcing
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